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Halloween Costume Ideas for Women in 2020

What's more embarrassing than showing up to a party wearing something someone else already has on? Our wide selection of unique women's costumes will help you avoid becoming someone's stunt double. From classic comic book characters like Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman to the Flintstones, American Horror Story, and Disney princesses, our licensed selection is topped by no other. If TV and movie costumes aren't your thing, we have tons of exciting costumes to keep you looking sweet or sassy. Our Decades and Time Periods section can put you in a Grecian toga, a fabulous flapper dress in the style of the Roaring 20s, a WWII nurse ready to tend to soldiers' wounds, a 50's doo-wop girl, a 60s hippie chick, a 70's disco babe, and even a 90s punk rocker! This year will definitely be your year to stand out from the crowd and bring in the best looking costume award too! Now the question is, who should you be?

Women's Superhero Costumes

For over a decade, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building their movies to co-exist alongside each other. The climax, which was Avengers: Infinity War, was hands down one of the finest worst in the Superhero genre including a wealth of characters from the Marvel universe. With so many characters to choose from, being a superhero (or villain!) is a trendy option. Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch are some of the more notable characters that you can dress up to be and save the world. DC Comics is also no stranger to the big screen. With their own adaptation of Wonder Woman featured in recent years and the Justice League forming on screen before our eyes, Wonder Woman is a solid choice to be and we have costumes from just about any time in the superhero's long tenure of entertaining fans.

Women's Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman

Women's Harley Quinn Costumes

Harley Quinn

Women's Captain Marvel Costumes

Captain Marvel

Women's Black Widow Costumes

Black Widow

Women's Time Period Costumes

During any time in history, women's fashion has struck a cord with the masses to make whatever was in style, popular! From medieval princesses in waiting draped in long elegant dresses to the flappers of the 1920s who broke barriers with more revealing and dazzling dresses to 70s disco divas who were ready to boogie on the dance floor. Our fabulous array of time period costumes range from prehistoric times to the futuristic styles of tomorrow and beyond! The decades and times section of our site holds our classic staples of flappers, hippies, ancient Egypt, 50s roller skate waitresses, and so much more!

Women's Flapper Costumes

Roaring 20s

Women's Renaissance Costumes

Medieval Times

Women's 60s Hippie Costumes

Groovy 1960s

Women's 70s Disco Costumes

Funky 1970s

Women's Classic Character Costumes

Have you ever had to explain your costume to someone? Our classic character costumes are great at making a statement and being a character that is easily recognizable! Great classic staples like skeletons, mermaids, devils, and witches are perfect during the Halloween season and best of all, no explanation required on your end. Our collection features characters from all over the spectrum of Halloween themes. Zombies? Got them. Vampires? We have those too. Treat yourself to this bounty like a pirate plundering for treasure!

Women's Pirate Costumes


Women's Witch Costumes


Women's Skeleton Costumes


Women's Mermaid Costumes


Women's Professions Costumes

Suit up, dress up, and head off to work! These costumes are all about women in the workforce. From nitty gritty construction to the far reaches of outer space, women have been everywhere. Take charge this Halloween, or anytime, and become anyone you want to be. Those criminal bad boys better watch out when you stroll by as a kinky cop or get ready to put out the fires as a hot firefighter! We are continuously adding to our costume collection with new styles and occupations.

Women's Military Costumes


Women's Firefighter Costumes


Women's Astronaut Costumes


Women's Police Officer Costumes