NFL Football FanHeads Are Coming. Will You Be Ready?

NFL Football FanHeads Are Coming. Will You Be Ready?

Posted by Drew Overholt on Feb 4th 2019

The Superbowl may be over, but the same mantra goes for 31 teams in the league who did not win: There's always next year. The rejuvenation of your team's pride and fan base will rest with you and your ability to bring something new and exciting to the next season. And That is where we come in to help. FanHeads have developed an amazing product that any football fan can enjoy (and at any age too)! These super slick laminate paper helmets easily snap together to become the ultimate football fan's party gear. What comes flat in a box becomes a full fledged 3D helmet that you can wear or place as a decoration piece if you're watching the game at home. With near 100 to choose from, you'll be able to support your favorite NFL or big name college. 

The moment I saw these sitting in front of a kiosk at a trade show, I had to get some for myself. Personally, as a Buffalo Bills fan, I know the heartbreak of losing over and over again. Even though the off-season has approached, I was still impressed with the design and concept of these fold-able helmets. Easy to wear and do not weigh anything at all.

These helmets will be coming in very soon. You won't want to miss the opportunity to own one of these!

You can view our selection of FanHeads by clicking the image below or by clicking here to view all FanHeads!

Buffalo Bills FanHead