Ideal Inflatable Husband

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For ages, women have struggled to find the ideal man. After centuries of painstaking research, tests, and a few all nighters, we think we have finally came up with the ideal man.Haven't you always wanted a man that was hassle and nag free? Maybe one who you always know where he is? One who you don't have to clean up after and doesn't smell because he's odor free? Well here's your chance to have your very own no mother-in-law to deal with blow up husband. Accented with chisled body, blue and white boxers, and lucious hair, he's sure to always be faithful. Better yet, you won't ever have to make him dinner. Pass along one of these so the bride to be has a backup plan! Inflates to approximately 34 inches tall. This is great on its own, but could be even better with the other costumes, accessories, and party decorations in our store!
Halloween Decor
White / Blue
34" inflatable blow up Husband or boyfriend as featured
Bachelor | Bachelorette
Bachelor | Bachelorette Party